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Who We Are

Brodotehna's services combine the skills of our multi-disciplined team, from software developers, electrical designers, automation engineers and project planners to off-site and on-site project management providing tailor-made and state-of-the-art solutions for power plants, production lines, warehouses and other industrial, power and transport facilities.

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Electrical Engineering

With years of experience, Brodotehna offers a variety of solutions such as Electrical design, Programming, Commissioning, Tuning, Project management or as needed by the client, given that each client is different so a member of our team will adjust our expertise to clients unique needs. Brodotehna offer complete solutions for industrial automation and power generation projects, which include PLC and SCADA, Excitation system, Electrical protection, Low voltage switchgear or Medium voltage switchgear that will satisfy to every aspect of clients technological and operational demands. 

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We currently offer software development in industry domain with emphasis on high software standards and quality. At the same time, utilizing our creativity and constant evolution in our knowledge and experience, we are working on R&D projects through which we are developing various products for real-time optimization, advanced control and maintenance prediction together with IoT platform. So our software is showing our character. 

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